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Jaruk Sastri Peradeelu

Jaruk Sastri Peradeelu
Category:   Telugu
SubCategory:   cartoons-Jokes
Author(s):  Jalasutram Rukmininadha Sastry
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Binding:  0
Reading Level:  0
Number of Pages:  0 Page(s)
ISBN:   0785
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    Balantrapu Satyanarayana Murtty    Says,

Jalasutram Rukmini nathasastry called Jaruk Sastry also. Her was only realthic parist in telugu poetry.he wrote Aasupatrigeetam is also one of the his work. his nather freeverse is in vellipoyay vellipoyay .In that He touched old and new poets with his heart. Please convert the following poem in telugu script. haasya chaturumdu saahitya laasysmamdu manasu novvagaa nekkada masalu konadu lekkacheyadu mari daa chikku padadadu teliyumoo jaruk paradee telugu veera saahitya jnapika II 63 II I wrote 222 poets history. each carries one poem I took Tetageety Prosody. Last line last word Makutam i.e. telugu vera.
From: basa.murty@gmail.com , On 2011-02-14 12:51:48