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Vegetarian Rice, Biryani and Pulao

Vegetarian Rice, Biryani and Pulao
Category:   Non-Fiction
SubCategory:   Food
Author(s):  Sanjeev Kapoor
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In this new addition to Sanjeev Kappor's Khazana, Chief Kapoor reveals a rich variety of dishes based on the humble rice grain: Burnt Ginger Rice, Seafood Risotto, and Nasi Goreng from across the seas; and Shahi Prawn Pulao, Erachi Choru, Yakhni Pulao and Kachche Gosht ke Biryani from our own regional backyard.Sanjeev Kapoor is the best thing that has happened to the culinary scene in India. Host of "Khana Khazana", the longest running and most celebrated cookery show on television, and author of numerous best-selling cookbooks, Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has granted hiw franchiese and expertise to upmarket fine-dining restaurants "Sanjeev Kapoor'sKhazana" and "Yellow Chilli" blended masalas, pickles and ready -to-cook foods under the brand name 'Sanjeev Kapoor's Khazana'.CHICKEN AND EGG Mumbai Biryani Borwn Rice Biryani with Chutney Chicken Rice With Stewed Mushrooms and chicken Chicken Doodh Biryani Egg Biryani Jambalaya Nasi Goreng Murgh Aloo Bukhara Biryani Lucknow Chicken Biryani Sesame and Egg Fried Rice Egg and Coconut Biryani Kachche Murgh Ki Biryani MUTTON Yakhni Pulao Masoor Keema Pulao Bhune Gosht ka Pulao Coorgi Mutton Pulao Mutanjan Erachi Choru Keema Pulao Mughlai Gosht Biryani Moti Pulao Nawabi Gosht Pulao SEAFOOD Shahi Prawn Pulao Kesari Seafood Biryani Macher Pulao Mixed Seafood Paella Prawn and Cinnamon Brown Rice Seafood Risotto Kolambi Bhaat Chingri Macher Pulao Clam Pulao VEGETARIAN Olya Vatanyacha Masale Bhaat Chika Moong Dal Khichdi Methi Makai Biryani Burnt Ginger Rice Tiranga Kofta Pulao Hot Garlic Fried Rice Gatte Ka Pulao Mixed Vegetable Tamarind Rice
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